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Schedule Update

In light of the recent developments around COVID-19 and the related travel restrictions, we have decided to push back our start date. We know how important the journey is to the participants, however, everyone’s safety and security is our top priority. For this reason, we feel a postponement is needed.

We look forward to setting out on this journey with a group of forward-thinking next gens in November 2020.


Beyond is an immersive growth experience for next-generation investors with a sense of wanderlust and curiosity for innovations that will shape our world.


While traveling to 15 countries on 5 continents we will meet with inspiring entrepreneurs, resourceful innovators and visionary world leaders.

On our trip, you will identify attractive investment opportunities, modern technologies and social enterprises that are sustainable and impactful while generating returns for your family. Together with your peers, you will develop the tools to be a successful investor and find purpose in your responsibilities as a next-generation business owner.

Join our international group on an adventure that goes beyond classroom teachings or seminars. Together we visit sites where the magic happens, where great minds work on the future and experts share their knowledge in workshops to prepare you for next-gen challenges while we are on the road.

Discover your talents, find inspiration and invest in projects you are proud to be a part of.

Middle East & India

Riyadh, Dubai & Delhi

11 – 17 November 2020

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Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Tokyo

1 – 7 February 2021

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Kigali, Addis Ababa & Mauritius

8 – 14 March 2021

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Eastern Europe

Helsinki, Talinn & St Petersburg

1 – 7 June 2021

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North America

Vancouver, San Francisco & Mexico City

21 – 27 September 2021

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What is Beyond?

Founded by Francois and David, two entrepreneurs and family office experts, Beyond offers a traveling learning experience with content that is tailored to the needs and concerns of the next generation. 5 trips to 15 countries on 5 continents will allow future investors to discover opportunities in their regional and cultural contexts.

Participants will find inspiration to realize their own projects at home or to invest in solutions that are impactful and sustainable while generating returns for their families. Every day of the journey is packed with meetings with start-ups, fascinating visionaries, world leaders or fellow family offices who welcome us and present their projects. Meetings and encounters are arranged based on the input of our travelers.



Why should you join?

Being a next-gen is not only a blessing but usually entails a lot of responsibility. Taking over a family business means taking responsibility for the family’s wealth, the family name and its legacy. It also means meeting expectations and delivering while under the scrutiny of the family. Beyond helps to lift the pressure, to develop arguments when defending decisions, to realize visions and make the family business fit for the future. The journey opens doors that would remain closed even for next gens and helps to navigate your investment vessel through the unwieldy sea of start-ups, innovations, and technologies, ensuring the smoothest possible journey for you, your family and your family business.



Who can participate?

Beyond is for people who are looking for investment inspiration, who seek guidance to find their space and get involved in the family office or business. The journey is also for those who want to learn about alternative ways of generating returns and want to create portfolios that they, as investors, would be proud of. Open to all nationalities, backgrounds and industries the requirement is that participants have completed a university degree and have at least some work or investment experience.



Pricing & what each trip entails

Each participant picks 3 out of the 5 trips that take us around the world to meet with inventors, founders, visionaries and inspiring thought leaders. All of our journeys are based on the same itinerary framework with varying industry focuses.

We provide a complete package deal consisting of 3 trips which includes:

– 5 star hotel accommodation throughout each trip
– All means of transportation during each trip (bus, ferry, plane, etc.) 
– All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and non-alcoholic beverages
– 24 hour security guard
– 3 tour guides who speak English, French, German, Swedish
– 2-3 onsite visits of startups per day
– Daily workshops
– 2 local family office meetings per trip
– Participation in networking opportunities on the ground
– 2 cultural events per trip
– Personal growth workshops

Our pricing is based on packages with 3 trips. Pricing on request.

Excluded from the price is transportation to the starting point and from the endpoint of each trip. We can recommend tailored insurance options that are not included in the price. Prices for 4- or 5 trip packages available on request.


How to apply?

You can apply using our easy online application form. Once we have reviewed this we follow-up all applications with a video call or in-person interview. A deep assessment is conducted to gain a better understanding of each individual’s situation and the challenges faced.

Based on the results of the assessments and in collaboration with the family we define how each person can gain the most value of the journey. We will recommend the three best-suited trips for each candidate aligning investment opportunities with personal passions and interests.


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